Medical Certificate in Pattaya

When you need to take a driver license you also need a medical certificate to bring to the transport office. A medical certificate can be easily obtained in small clinics around Pattaya. If you going to the Pattaya immigration on Soi 5 Jomtien and getting the residence certificate you might as well get the medical certificate very close.

At the Jomtien roundabout at the traffic light turning down to Jomtien there is a 7/11 in the corner.  In the same house next to the 7/11 is a medical clinic. Last time we checked they charge 150 THB for a certificate and it takes about 5 minutes.  The only thing you need to bring is your passport.

The name of the clinic is Chanya Medical Clinic Jomtien and you can get the Google Maps direction by clicking on the name.

If you have any updates on Chanya Medical Clinic please let us know by commenting below.


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