It is one of the Thailand most attractive places at which huge number of peoples comes for the entertainment and visit. Being recognized, as one of the biggest leisure and amusement areas, city has a number of inspiring attractions further than its natural fascinations and nightlife. It has presented tourists the miracles of man-made attractions exposing the cultures, ethnicities and lifestyle such as museums, parks, amusement parks, zoos, theatres, temples and many more.

Most visited places by the people includes Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, The Bottle Art Museum, Mini Siam, Wat Yansangwararam, The Million-Year Stone Park & Crocodile Farm, Nong Nooch Garden etc.

Pattaya is one of the places offer the inhabitants and visitors a variety of decadent glees ranging from street side sellers to classy feasting. Being on the beach lets Pattaya with ample seafood. Not only Thai food that is available, there are eateries of different nationalities from across the world both traditional and fusion such as Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Korean, English, Irish, Italian, French, German etc.

Shopping binge can be adored in every big city in Thailand including Pattaya. There are shopping centers, superstores, bazaar, night markets and thousands of smaller shops and stalls along the streets. There is an infinite variety of things and products such as clothes, fixtures, decorative items, furniture, art, gem, jewelry, wood carving and souvenirs. IT and supercomputer related products can also be found even though the price may not be very reasonable compared to those in Bangkok.

It is most popular owing to range of activities, on land, on or under water. Thrilling, daring sports and martial arts such as windsurfing, kite boarding, sailing, water-skiing, parasailing or Thai boxing are everywhere with a absorption. The world under water of the islands around Pattaya is also rich with marine life to be seen in scuba diving or snorkeling trips. The learners to any of those sports or activities do not need to be scared as there are plenty of sport schools offering courses in theory and practice.

The book “99 Things to do in Pattaya” Can help you find your way around Pattaya.



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